S. Cohen

I’m a bigot and proud of it,

I do discriminate.

There are an awful lot of people

that I just love to hate.


I really like most people

But I dislike all behavior obscene.

I’m alienated by any kind of supremacists.

I don’t care if they’re black, white or green.


I abhor:

abettors, abusers, accusers,

adulterers of any ole kind.

Anarchists, aggressors, assassins,

or ardent atheists who addle my mind.


I’d banish:

Black–marketers, bashers and bigots,

Brassy  braggarts who think they’re big deals.

Blackmailers, bigamists ‘n brutes,

Or bodacious boasters who bluster like big wheels.


I belittle:

boors brawlers and bribers,

bestial bums who beat on albinos.

Barbarians, burglars & bombers,

Or brain-dead bozos who make bonfires of winos.


I curse:

cannibals, criminals, and charlatans,

conniving creeps who run a cartel.

Carjackers, con men, conspirators,

Cheesy cheaters conspiring to sell.


I castigate:

counterfeiters, culprits or crooks,

cruel child molesters really are creeps.

Chiselers, cyber-hackers, cynics,

cold cop-killers playing for keeps.


I detest:

desperados, despots, defilers,

despicable, disease-spreading swines.

Devil-worshippers, demagogues or deviates,

and dumb drivers who defy traffic signs.


I despise:

degenerates and dishonest brokers,

drive by shooters who don’t give a damn.

Drunkards, dropouts ‘n druggies,

or deadbeat dads who live life on the lam.


I’ve enmity for:

extremists, embezzlers, encroachers,

evil extortionists expropriating money not theirs.

Fanatics, fascists or felons,

Foolish flashers unfurling their wares.


I’m grossed out by:

gay bashers, gangsters, and gluttons,

goofy gossips who gab out of turn.

Gunrunners, grave robbers, graffiti artists,

Or grievous  gangs that gentility do spurn.


I’m hostile to:

hooligans, hate mongers, hackers,

habitual offenders hauled off many times.

Hedonists, heisters, hijackers,

Hooded hoodlums committing hate crimes.


I’ve ill will for:

inebriates, illiterates, intolerants,

idiots who, itsy old ladies do bilk.

Instigators, indian-givers, informers,

isolationists and those of their ilk.


I judge:

Jew baiters, jaywalkers, juvies,

jealous spouses and the jive junk that they’ve hurled.

Kidnappers, killers or klanners,

and credulous kooks crying “end of the world.”


I loathe:

litterbugs, larcenists, ‘n louts,

lugubrious liars who lack any spine.

Loan sharks, loonies`s, or looters,

Lurid literati who think libel’s just fine.


I malign:

mobsters, malefactors or mashers,

merciless miscreants who mistreat the blind.

Misogynists, money launderers, morons,

mass murders  minus mercy on their kind.


I’m nauseated by

neo-nazis, narcissists, ninnies,

nations of narrow-minded fools.

Nasties, no-goodniks, neurotics,

Invidious, nefarious, ghouls.


I ostracize:

outlaws, oglers, oppressors,

Osama bin Laden, on his name be a curse.

Onanists, orgiasts, obstructionists,

organized crime? it only gets worse!


I’m prejudiced against:

pimps, pedophiles, and perverts,

puerile people who push into line.

Psychopaths, pornographers, philanderers,

puissant predators who prey on what’s mine.


I proscribe:

purse-snatchers, peeping-toms, pirates,

perfidious politicians with a paw in the till.

Polygamists, poachers or pushers,

power-hungry people in office still.


I quash:

quibblers, quitters, ‘n quacks,

querulous quarrelers who don’t know quite when to stop.

Racists, rapists or robbers,

rabid rioters who ricochet rocks off a cop.



I’m repulsed by:

rip-off artists, racketeers, ratfinks,

road rage is a ravaging art.

Sickos, sinners, and skinheads,

simpering segregationists with a sad selfish heart.


I scorn:

Sadists, satanists, scabs,

schizophrenics who scuttle in the night.

Serial killers, scofflaws and scammers,

sexual harassers who scare out of spite.


I can’t stand:

slanderers, slayers or slobs,

slothful sleazeballs who sit around bars.

Skyjackers, sneakers, and snipers,

Sneetches with stars upon thars.


I sneer at:

Sociopaths, spammers, or spies,

smugglers that slave sight unseen.

Squatters, stalkers, and streakers,

straying spouses whose souls are unclean.


I stigmatize:

Swindlers, subversives, super-loud-neighbors,

swastika-swabbers who stain stone as they please.

Suicide bombers, sycophants or sybarites,

syphilitic sex offenders spreading STD’s.


I’m ticked off at:

Tax evaders, terrorists, and traitors,

tempestuous tattlers who should wear a gag.

Torturers, tyrants, thieves,

or temperamental thugs who trample the flag.


I’m uncomfortable with:

users, usurers, usurpers,

uncivil servants who are unusually haughty.

Victimizers, vandals, or vermin,

violent violators veering well beyond naughty.


I’d serve warrants on:

warmongers, wackos, ‘n weirdos,

wrong-doers who are wild for gain.

Warlocks, wastrels, or whackers,

Wicked white-collar criminals vainer-than-vain.


I’d wage war on:

white slavers, wife-beaters and wise guys,

or wusses who flabber my gast.

Xenophobes, yahoos and zanies,

zealots who act way too fast.


These are the creeps and the lowlifes,

very much not  on my mind.

When I ask for tolerance in my prayers,

And love amongst all of mankind.



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