Reality Check

[This should be posted in every home with children as well as every classroom in the country]

  1. You will not be rewarded for bad behavior.
  2. Being told “NO” is part of life. Get over it.
  3. You are free to make choices. You will not be free of the consequences.
  4. Life is not fair.
  5. You are not the boss of you or anyone else.
  6. Believe it or not the world does not revolve around you.
  7. Respect must be earned. It is not simply given.
  8. The world owes you nothing. You will need to work for it.
  9. Fits and tantrums will get you nothing. Stop wasting your time.
  10. You can’t fix the world. First you need to fix you.
  11. Shut your mouth. Open your ears. Perhaps you’ll learn something.

I’m deeply afraid of a world run by adults who were
never spanked as kids and got trophies just for

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