Rabbi Shlomo Cohen


To complete the research done on the use of a dishwasher for Milchig and Fleishig, I determined that a record of the temperature during the various cycles would be necessary. I was able to borrow a thermometer with a remote sensor to accomplish this.

I ran my dishwasher through one complete cycle. It is a 14 year old, portable, General Electric. [To fully research this question would require running the same test on both different, as well as, newer models.] The sensor was positioned in the center of the upper rack. Temperature was noted at three-minute intervals. The starting temperature inside the unit was 680F. The hot water left the tap at 1280F.


3 minutes = 920F

6        = 1030F

9        = 1050F

12      = 1140F

15           = 1210F (490 C)

18        =1220F (50 0 C)

21           = 1230F( 500 C)

24           =1250F (51 0 C)

27           =1270F ( 520 C)

30           =1290F (53 0 C)

33           =1290F (53 0 C)

36      =1270F (52 0 C)

39           =1300F (54 0 C)


42           =1310F ( 550 C)

45           =1290F (53 0 C)

48           =1280F (53 0 C)

51           =1290F (53 0 C)

54           =1310F (55 0 C)


57           =1270F (52 0 C)

60           =1330F ( 560 C)

63           =1440F ( 62 0C)

66      =1470F (630 C )

69           =1590F ( 700 C)

72           =1640F ( 730 C)

75           =1690F (76 0 C)

78           =1700F ( 760 C)

81      =1700F (76 0 C)


Note that soap was present immediately but the water did not reach Yad Soledes until almost 12 minutes had passed. The soap was present for almost 40 minutes, close to half an hour with the water above Yad Soledes. The final few minutes had a temperature only 200 short of Rav Moshe’s B’dieved Shiur of Hagala.

On this basis, one may conclude that any Ta’am on the racks started as cold, reached Yad Soledes as Nosen Ta’am Lifgam because of the soap and continued to absorb/exude Ta’am Lifgam for the duration of the cycles.

L’Halacha V’Lo L’Ma’aseh, we may therefore conclude that a dishwasher could, Lchatchila, be used for both Milchig and Fleishig utensils perhaps only waiting 24 hours, or at least overnight between the two types. B’dieved, even one right after the other would still be Kosher.

I would still maintain that it may not be done on the basis of “Al Titosh M’Toras Imecha” as well as “Minhag Yisroel Torah Hee”.

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