A Pamphlet on Proficiency in Torah Knowledge

The questions in this pamphlet are fun. There is no such thing as trivia in Torah. Most of these questions are culled from traditional sources. See how many you know. There is no passing or failing. Some of the questions will be facts that you either know or don’t know. Other questions can be figured … Continue reading A Pamphlet on Proficiency in Torah Knowledge

Loshon Kodesh – Source of Language

English words derived from Hebrew Rabbi Shlomo Cohen, Dr. Joel BermanUpdated 12/16 The world was created with Lashon Kodesh. It was the language used until the Tower of Babel (the English word babble, perhaps). It was a major influence on both Greek and Latin. The Gemora ( Avoda Zara 10a) tells us that Latin was … Continue reading Loshon Kodesh – Source of Language

Tumah and Electricity

A Study in Analogy Rabbi Shlomo Cohenwww.HIQJEW . com The Ribbono Shel Olam created the world according to rules. Scientists spend their time seeking these rules. The discoveries in Cosmology, Physics,Chemistry, Geology, and Biology are nothing more than uncovering the rules bywhich Hashem runs the world. The Creator did not create everything with differing standards. … Continue reading Tumah and Electricity

Three Questions – No Answers

Rabbi Shlomo CohenSept. 2023 Over the years I have asked many, many questions and almost all of them had good answers. However, there are three questions, research as I might, asked around, but have yet to find or hear a reasonable answer. 1. Two-day Rosh Chodesh Of the twelve months in a year, about half … Continue reading Three Questions – No Answers


Rabbi Shlomo Cohen 11/14 www.hiqjew.com Over the years I’ve browsed through hundreds of Seforim. Occasionally I have run across some statement which were unusual, surprising or remarkable, to say the least. Some were quite amazing. A while ago I started keeping track of some of these Ma’arei M’komos (henceforth MM). I thought it would make … Continue reading ODDITIES IN VARIOUS SEFORM