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A Tree is Not Just a Tree

   Poetree by Shlomo Cohen Just about a week before Xmas When the goyim celebrate JC They go to any old parking lot And buy just any old tree.   Had the Torah told us to get one That’s enough of a reason you see, Because then it would  be a Mitzva Then a […]

Sheilos U’Tshuvas of Peckelach

Minutes of the Agura Convention Halachic Plenary session – May 2010 Isru Chag Shushan Purim Torah by Shlomo Cohen Several of the world’s leading Poskim formed the panel for this session headed by Moreinu HaRav HaGaon Issusschar Henoch Tzvi Hirsh Aryeh Leib HaCohen Katzenoodlemeister Shlita (Some might remember him as Iggy from his Yeshiva […]


Rabbi Shlomo Cohen We have computerized your Chevrusa search. Please answer all questions as candidly as you dare. Name___________________              What does everybody call you ?   _ _ _ _ey Are you an in-towner___out-of-towner___? FFB___ BT___ FFBWSL___ [Frum From Birth With Some Lapses] How many years have you been in Yeshiva?_______ How many years have […]

What You Really Ought To Know About The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

S. Cohen  10/04 Stay Calm, but we just found out that the light at the end of the tunnel is really an oncoming train. Attention! Due to financial constraints the light at the end of the tunnel will be shut off until further notice. No wonder New Yorkers never smile. The light at the […]

On the Applicability of the Snappir V’Kaskesses rule vis-a-vis the Gefilte Fish & the Lox

Shlomo Cohen It is a well known fact that in order to be kosher a fish must exhibit two signs. It must have both fins and scales. The Gefilte fish – genus; Pikecarpus, species; Rokeachus  – and the lox – genus; smokedus, species; salmoniuos- are readily observed to have neither. {Other species in the […]

A Scientific Analysis of the Densest Material Known To Man

Shlomo Cohen An international team of top-flight physicists met at a forum to discuss progress in their field. The conference lasted several days and the ideas produced will be fueling speculation for years to come. After years of experimentation, the team of Prof. Seymour D’Tale, his grandmother, Lotta D’Tale  and Dr. Asher Yatzar have […]


S. Cohen I’m a bigot and proud of it, I do discriminate. There are an awful lot of people that I just love to hate.   I really like most people But I dislike all behavior obscene. I’m alienated by any kind of supremacists. I don’t care if they’re black, white or green.   […]


Rabbi Shlomo Cohen While we are not interested in preventing bar fights, fights in the Bais Medrash are another story. These amazing records have been duly validated and are recognized by the World Board of World Records. If you wish to try for a record, the policy of the Board is that all dangerous […]